Creating Your Own R Package ‘verse’

One of my favorite features of the tidyverse is the lovely message printed to the console when its loaded. I delved into their source code to see how to achieve that. In this post, I describe the end-product: metamakr, an R package development tool for easily creating your own package ‘verse’.

By Jonathan Trattner in R Packages

June 27, 2021

Temporary Storage in R

A brief blog post on how to use temporary files to write data, read and manipulate it, and then delete the original file for storage optimization. I describe the tempdir(), tempfile(), and unlink(), functions and the difference between file/directory paths and contents.

By Jonathan Trattner in R

June 22, 2021

Getting Started with

A brief blog post describing how to publish your first Shiny application on RStudio’s platform, I walk-through with images how how to register your account locally and use RStudio’s ‘click-to-deploy’ feature to easily share your interactive apps online.

By Jonathan Trattner in R Shiny

June 5, 2021

Introducing ghee

Introducing my new package, ghee, a user-friendly wrapper for the {gh} package that provides client access to Github’s REST API for common tasks such as creating issues and inviting collaborators.