Select Open-Source Projects

Written by Jonathan Trattner


ghee provides an interface to interact with GitHub, an online host for git repositories. GitHub is a popular platform for code collaboration and can be accessed using their REST API. ghee wraps the low-level API R package, gh, and provides a curated set of functions to help developers easily perform common GitHub tasks such as creating repositories and inviting collaborators.

By Jonathan Trattner in R packages


shinysurveys provides easy-to-use, minimalistic code for creating and deploying surveys in R. It extends the shiny package and converts a table of questions into an interactive web-based application. Administering surveys with this package allows users to combine the computational tools of R with the interactivity of web applications. This synergy helps bridge the gap between data collection and data analysis.

By Jonathan Trattner in R Shiny packages shinysurveys