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SenioR Thesis

In this talk, I present one of three packages I developed for my undergraduate honors thesis at Wake Forest University: shinysurveys. I provide a background on R, the package shiny, and walk-through how to easily create and deploy a survey with my package.

May 7, 2021


By Jonathan Trattner in Shiny


Adaptive Design Optimization

A presentation for STA379 at Wake Forest University on Bayesian Adaptive Design Optimization (ADO). In this talk, I begin with a brief introduction to neuroscience and behavioral tasks before covering ADO with a focus on material from Ahn, Gu, Shen, and colleagues (2020).

Shiny + JavaScript

Shiny is an R package that translates R code to the languages of the web, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this talk, I demonstrate how to easily integrate JavaScript to extend features of shiny applications.